"Harmony made the photo shoot fun and easy for my teenage daughter and we all loved the photos.", "Tess' pictures were outstanding!" Tracy Pellegrino and Mark Pellegrino

"I don't think I have ever had better headshots or a better experience with a photographer. My representation loves the pictures and so do I.  Shooting with Harmony was a pure joy, she made me feel so at ease and so beautiful, like the results of the pictures really mattered to her personally. I couldn't recommend working with Harmony more. She is so fun and easy going and takes the most wonderful pictures!" Ciera Danielle 

"Harmony Photography is amazing! She really puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Though it was extremely professional, I felt like I was hanging out with a friend. And the photos came out FANTASTIC! For once in my life I look sexy and cool." Nick Acosta

"Getting headshots taken by the very talented Harmony Smith was such a pleasant and refreshing experience. Ms. Smith's studio had such a fun atmosphere and I felt totally at ease in her expert hands. Her knowledge of the industry and of photography were very apparent. I really enjoyed being guided effortlessly from look to look. With all her modeling and acting experience, Harmony has an uncanny ability to capture the perfect shot in only a few frames!  It's so rare, and this makes the process quick and easy. The results are beautiful and the headshots really captured who I am." Kelly Russo

"It was an absolute delight shooting with Harmony. Being a a model and actress herself, she knows how to get the most out of the people she's shooting and helps them relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Thanks, Harmony!" John Devilman

"My daughter, Eevi, (7 years old) in her own words:  'At first I was nervous and had never done this before, but then it was really fun and I really liked working with Harmony.' The photos turned out beautifully without the extra expense of a makeup artist and hair stylist. Harmony's talent speaks for itself. She is professional and her energy is a joy to be around." Carrie Ceres

"I'm always hesitant when I use a photographer who is new to me.  I was pleasantly surprised with how quick and efficient Harmony was.  She put me at ease right away. Harmony made some choices I never would have considered and I'm glad she did.  Highly recommend." Johnny Todd

"Harmony is the best!! She's super fun to work with and creates a relaxed environment that always results in achieving the most natural looking shots! Her work speaks for itself: the highest quality and very reflective of her as an artist! She certainly knows how to bring out in the best in you!" Jef Joslin

"Having my head shots taken by Harmony was such a wonderful experience.  She is patient, happy, and really cares what your photos look like.  She also has an exceptional eye for finding your best features. Harmony made it easy for me to feel relaxed and natural in front of the camera.  I’m so happy with my photos." Nicole Pano

"Shooting with Harmony was insanely easy. I've never had such a breeze of a session. Was able to finish early, and leave with so many GOOD pics that finding "The One" was the problem! A free touch up per look, great price, and pick-your-own-music session made choosing Harmony as my photographer an easy decision." Jo Harris

"I've shot with dozens upon different photographers over the years and when I saw Harmony's work, it was obvious that she is brings something special to the art of headshot photography. On top of that, she is so much fun to work with, completely connecting with her subject - in this case a 10 year old, and getting great shots! We got so much more than we paid for and that is a rarity these days. I cannot wait to shoot with her again!" Alice L. Walker

"I am usually very uncomfortable when being photographed, primarily due to photographers I've worked with in the past who made me aware of my weaknesses: my cheeks cover my eyes when I smile, my mouth holds too much tension, my eyes are sensitive to light and I squint. However, when I worked with Harmony I felt a sudden sense of ease. A lot of that ease was due to Harmony's fun and personal approach to capturing the perfect shot. When I first arrived, we went over the clothing I brought and figured out the strongest looks we could have the most fun with. During our sessions we told stories to keep the mood light. Harmony even played music which would best embody the mood and character during each look. It's soooo much easier to feel sexy when you are listening to Billie Holiday and your new best girlfriend is taking your picture. When I received my photos I could not believe my eyes. Harmony managed to capture 5 completely different, unique and beautiful character head shots. As different as they all were, each shot still managed to look like the "me" I know and see. I highly recommend Harmony to any artist looking to take some truly amazing, long lasting head shots that bring out their out inner magic!" Elizabeth DelloRusso

"My head shots are perfect! Thank you so very much, Harmony Photography! Harmony is so very talented and I have seriously never had so much fun on a headshot shoot. I felt very relaxed and happy because I knew that she had everything handled, and it showed in my pictures :) I will definitely shoot with her again, and I can't thank her enough!" Christina Maria Davis

"Harmony was a pleasure to work with. She created a very comfortable atmosphere which provided me the ability to be myself and have fun. She is very professional and understands how the industry works. I felt like I was in great hands with her and am very pleased with the final product." Beth Goldberg