On Camera

Slate Shots

Actors Access features a "Slate Shot" option, which most agents and managers are requiring their clients enable. The slate shot is a 7 seconds or less video clip in which the actor introduces himself, or "slates" for the camera. This feature is very handy in helping casting get a clear image of how you look and sound currently. It also automatically brings your submission in before the actors who do not have their slate shots attached to their profiles!

Filming your slate shot is fun and easy. We film the video directly before shooting each of your looks during your head shot session, since slate shots are best when they match the look and tone of each photo.


$25 per look - During scheduled head shot photography session.

$30 per look - If not accompanying a head shot photography session.


Taped Auditions

Have a self tape audition? We've got you covered in our professionally lit, cozy indoor studio! You will choose your favorite take to be color and sound corrected, and put into proper submission format.  We will film up to three takes. Additional takes are billed $1 per minute.


$40 - First scene. $20 per additional scene. 

Add ons:

Scene partner - We will provide an experienced actor to read with you. Please bring two copies of sides. Rate: $15 

Coaching - Harmony and Dalton, both experienced, working actors, are available for coaching. Please make sure to bring two copies of sides with you. Visit our Coaching page for more information.  Rate: $40 for each 30 minutes.

Hair and make up - If you would like a professional hair/make up artist for your taped audition, we have many fabulous artists to choose from. Please let us know in advance so we can hire the right artist for you. You may also decide to do your own hair and make up. If so, please arrive hair and make-up ready, and don't forget to bring powder for any touch ups. Rates vary.